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Euh... ok, here's where my mind runs rampant...

Tonight's episode... Wendy talks to Sara about Hodges, and about Grissom's recent sleeping patterns. NOW: Wendy could be hinting at the idea she knows about Griss and Sara, but doesn't want to be too obvious with Ecklie always lurking. OR: Wendy could be clueless, and Sara is panicking internally and spins it back so that Wendy's confused.

Next week's episode is titled "End Happy" and so it could be anything, but I'm thinking GSR will be no more but something towards the end causes them to not completely hate each other at the moment.... something to do with the next episode.... and I have nothing to contribute for "Leapin' Lizards" so it could be in the tracking stage of the Miniatures Killer case leading up to...... "The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix" Lady Heather! She's the miniature killer! At the very least she's why the Little Creepy Sally is used as a signature. Red hair, green eyes, blood being a symbol for pain. Either she's represented as the bloody kewpie doll [fellow foster sibling is exacting revenge because they witnessed Lady H. being violated and the bleach is the trigger because they were ordered to clean up ... afterwards. OR she is still the kewpie doll but the blood is a representation of the tower of heiarchy... you need to maintain control and your cool, to remain at the top. Somtimes, tho, a little blood is shed stabbing the others trying to climb up.

Oh dear. I just had a terribly naughty fanfic thought about the final episodes title. Ehrm... what if Lady H. was tutoring Grissom & Sara in relaxing and letting go [flash back scene to allow viewer to figure out their relationship timeline]. Not necessarily sexual. Tho, that's where my brain went. Yeppers, it did! Hmm, but I did miss several episodes last season, was it? Yeah, where Lady Heather and her daughter are in one of the storylines. But glimpses of them suggest either a sour ending or the continued fascination by both parties. Clearly platonical, unless they had something and broke it off, but have respect & intrigue for one another, and Grissom finds help from Lady Heather regarding the whole Sara thing.
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