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Hmm, I'm watching WOCH [a local station broadcasting Korean shows] at the moment. The advertisments are sometimes in Korean, and sometimes in English... and sometimes with subtitles, and sometimes not.

The show is back on... a dating gameshow of some sort. It's been very interesting with the sound off. And there are subtitles in what I can only guess, in my uneducated brain, another form of Korean. Now, I've turned the sound up to reveal a female contestant faking an orgasm, men singing, and now proposing. Hmmm...

I'm sick. Again. Nasty cough and a stuffy nose. Thursday and Friday off from work. I requested Monday and Tuesday off, but since Andy [one of the owners who normally doesn't do the schedule] finally finished the schedule Wednesday night, I'm not sure I'll get the days off.

By the way, I work at an ice cream shop. Normally short-staffed, but everyone is fun to work with. Customers are great, though sometimes demanding. I don't care for closing, though the tips are better. Summer is going to be a bear with not closing until 11 during the week and midnight or later on the weekends. In fact, the job isn't so bad, but I knew my Subway experience would come back to haunt me. Andy threw me on deli... and ice cream, which doesn't always work out when I'm with an ice cream customer/group and suddenly a sandwich or salad needs to be made.

We're hiring. Desperately needed. Yet, there are new positions that some of the employees should be trained for, or have been there long enough to be offered the position, etc. Andy told us Wednesday "don't worry, your pay will stay the same". My work mates and I are seriously thinking about putting in applications.

Yay! Episode 147 of Dangerous Love is on!
[returns after the show]
Now... some goofy show.
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