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In the middle of NCIS, I hear a fire engine go by... then another and another and another. All total there were a minimum of 8 trucks. Damen, from Belmont to Roscoe was shut down. All of School Street from Damen to at least Wolcott was cordoned off. The house is still standing but gutted. The 3 flat was used to put the fire out. Gentleman who owns it wasn't home. Not sure if it caught on fire, though the fire brigade did spray it down.

Karen Katz is the woman who owns the house. She believes the Holocaust never happened. A few years back she had over 100 cats in the house. Before a warrant could be obtained to remove the kitties, she moved them out.

Channel 2 [CBS] came out and wanted to interview me, my landlords and the lady that lives next door. We all said no. They declined because Mrs. Katz previously threatened my landlords after the 100 cat ordeal. I simply didn't have enough information.

I missed the rest of NCIS but now House is on... see you later.
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On March 29th, 2006 02:44 am (UTC), belkris commented:
That woman sounds like a regular nut job to me.
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